We have been busy over the last year packing and shipping various “stuffed animals” for private individuals and local taxidermists. Our latest shipment was six mounted deer heads going to a decorate a new bar / restaurant in St Louis.


We have been so busy with these special shipments that we are considering a new slogan for our business that relates to this new market and we need your help…and we’re willing to pay for the best submission. Send us your slogan ideas by April 15th and if yours is judged as best we’ll send you 100 bucks ($100)! To make it a more creative task for you, we’ve already eliminated the following from contention:

Herd It Through The Grapevine
Shipping For A Few Bucks
We’ll Box Your Stuffs
We Ship Deer And Far
No Mounting Too High!
Ready For The Big Game
We Ship Hart Transplants
We’ll Organize Your Stags
Horns A Plenty
The Place For Doe Nuts!
The Right Stuffs
Ship of Foals
We Never Lose Our Heads
Ready, Aim, Ship
Pak Male
The Merchant of Venison
Heads, You Win
We Put The Taxi In Taxidermy

Take your best shot!

LionsMany times we have art pieces that at the client’s request need to be packed and shipped with some urgency. Sometimes for looming gallery show openings and sometimes simply for excited out-of-town purchasers that needs to see their items as soon as possible. We are always happy to accommodate and can honestly say we have never missed a deadline. But sometimes, we feel the need to pack and ship quickly for our own psychological wellbeing. Case in point was a recent shipment we made on behalf of a Concept Art Gallery auction purchaser. The pieces in question were two brass lions with glass eyes that were both startling and frightening especially if you were to come upon them without warning in our packing area. More than one employee (including this writer) “jumped” when confronted by this fierce duo. Needless to say, packing and shipping the pair was made a priority and they are now happily haunting a residence in South Florida.

We just wanted to share a recent and funny review of our services by Susan from Langley, WA. We  helped Susan and her two sisters pack and ship furniture, antiques, and artwork from an estate in Pittsburgh to homes in Seattle, WA, St. Louis, MO, and Washington, DC. Read on to see how Susan likens our work to the magic of OZ. Tap those red shoes together or call us for similar service! Thank you, Susan, Peg, and Ann!Dorothy

If you are thinking of shipping something small, big, fragile, huge-locally, or across the USA, I highly recommend hiring Michael MacDonald at Pak Mail Pittsburgh Crate & Ship. No question was too big or too small or inconvenient. One must understand my family…we are remarkably demanding! We don’t hesitate to call, to question, to ask… even on a week-end or an evening..and…………..oh man, do we ask! We ask for an additional delivery, make excessive phone calls, needing clarification on this, and on that. Mike always, and I mean always, responded to our pleas immediately. I began to call him “Oz”- he was like the Wizard of Oz- for our family. He always had an answer, and always had a plan.

But this of course, is not the really important part. My shipment arrived across country in PERFECT condition. The glass photos, the furniture, the glass vases, the framed pictures, the awkward, gorgeous huge marble sculpture all arrived in perfect condition. Every inch was packed to perfection. The shipment was packed from start to finish like a well-executed movie. The packers came to our home, and quickly organized and packed the entire house. They were so personable, strong and kind! Then they took the shipment to the warehouse for additional careful packaging.
Mike advised me every inch of the way.

I recommend him and Pak Mail Pittsburgh Crate & Ship so highly. And now another important piece-for the service, the perfection, the delivery-Mike’s prices were even lower than his competitors!!

Susan C., Langley. WA


Cindy Lisica, a good customer of ours opened a new business “Revision Space Gallery & Boutique” on February 21st. The gallery is located at 5262 Butler Street, 15201 in the Lawrenceville area offers original artwork and home decor items. Check them out on Facebook.
Revision Space

iStock_crates2014 has been a great year in terms of presenting us with a number of interesting industrial crating projects. Here’s a quick sampling:

  • The Pak Mail Pittsburgh Crate & Ship on-site crating team completed a project last week for large machine tool manufacturer involving the shipment of a large metallurgy furnace to Asia. Sensitive electronic control panels and units needed wrapped and protected against the corrosive effects of salty ocean air. This was done using 7-mil marine grade polyethylene shrink film and desiccant as calculated per the MIL-STD-2073 specification.
  • Pak Mail Pittsburgh Crate & Ship provides “ready-to-assemble” custom export (ISPM-15) crates to a large West Virginia manufacturer of conveyor and material handling equipment. This customer often requires these heavy-duty, custom sized crates on very short notice with 2nd day shipping (and sometimes next day shipping)Pak Mail Crates
    of the units. We have proud to say that we have never missed a deadline ever with this client and despite the dreadful winter  we have experienced this past (and present!) winter. We ship these crates “ready-to-assemble” to reduce the freight classification and minimize the freight cost. You may be surprised to learn how inexpensively we can ship custom crates around the country.

Here’s to more crate big things in 2014!