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Onsite Packing & Crating Services Pittsburgh

Need help at your place of business with packing, palletizing, or crating? Our fully-insured onsite team can come to you with a wide range of services:

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Got something large you are exporting? Pak Mail Pittsburgh Crate & Ship are your “come to you” folks for all you onsite crating needs. Here’s a sample piece of equipment we wrapped in marine-wrap for ocean transport and custom crated onsite at a client’s location in Maryland. One of five very large crates for equipment going to Siberia.

Received a call from a client this past Monday asking if we could pack and load 78 pieces (plus multiple sub-assemblies) of fragile laboratory equipment to ship on Friday. Our onsite packing team gathered medium to very large pieces from two building and four floors, packed, containerized, crated, palletized all the equipment, and loaded the 53′ truck on Friday on schedule! Contact us if you have something that needs to be done right and right on time!

Completed export crating of 13 hi-tech industrial machines (complete with heat-shrink marine wrap & desiccant) and loading/bracing of 40′ ocean container onsite at customer location. Planning is everything with 1″ to spare (out of 473″ container length) when closing doors!



IMG_1725IMG_1707Pak Mail Pittsburgh Crate & Ship is the area’s “go-to” company for packing, crating, and shipping all types of medical equipment. We have the expertise and experience you can trust to handle medical devices that are heavy, oversized, and fragile; or medical equipment that contains delicate lasers, lenses, and gauges requiring specialized attention.

Onsite Packing & Crating Services

Onsite Packing, Palletizing, and Crating In Greater Pittsburgh Area

Need help at your place of business with packing, palletizing, or crating? Our fully-insured onsite team can come to you with a wide range of services:

  • We provide onsite packing services for businesses throughout the Greater Pittsburgh, western Pennsylvania and eastern Ohio areas
  • We offer a wide range of packaging and wrapping options including standard-size boxes, custom boxes, custom corrugate shipping containers, custom pallets, and custom solid-wood crates
  • We can provide export compliant (ISPM-15) pallets and crates
  • We can pack and crate at your business after-hours and on weekends
  • We pack a full-range of items including computer and IT equipment, files, office furniture and office decor items like artwork and sculptures, and small to the very largest pieces of industrial equipment

Contact us for a free in-person or phone consultation, or get a quote now via the web.

See what clients have to say about Pak Mail Pittsburgh’s service.


Here are some pictures of a crating job we completed this week. Six crates of large gas metering equipment being shipped by ocean overseas. Two of the equipment pieces measured 28 feet long by 10 feet wide by 10 feet high and weighed 35,000 lbs each. All equipment needed to be wrapped in soft-foam and marine-grade plastic prior to crating.

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If variety is the spice of life, then this last week was a very savory time for us. Here’s a quick recap of the broad spectrum of projects we worked-on and completed in the past week:

– packed up and air freighted an 18 foot kayak to Singapore

-packed-up and transported to storage 90 pieces of artwork for the estate of a renown Pittsburgh artist

-manufactured and delivered 14 export crates to a local specialty steel manufacturer

-picked-up, packed, and shipped 5 “small moves” for a variety of clients

-packed-up and air freighted to Naples, Italy a 9′ x 6′ multi-media artwork for a local gallery

– picked-up, packed, and shipped a large order of rental religious items (statues, altar pieces, candle holders, tabernacle, and much more) from Church Connection going to a movie production in Bostom, MA plus sale items going to a monastery in Upstate New York

-received and delivered furniture items on behalf of two local interior designers

-worked on a containerizing and shipping project involving 55,000 lbs of fire-damaged recycling equipment going to Shanghai, China for reburbishing

-worked on the planning of a project involving the packing and shipping of the archive of a well-know local academic from Pittsburgh to a university in Germany

A busy week that reinforces our motto: We ship anything, anywhere! Hope your long-weekend is a restful as we plan our’s to be.

iStock_crates2014 has been a great year in terms of presenting us with a number of interesting industrial crating projects. Here’s a quick sampling:

  • The Pak Mail Pittsburgh Crate & Ship on-site crating team completed a project last week for large machine tool manufacturer involving the shipment of a large metallurgy furnace to Asia. Sensitive electronic control panels and units needed wrapped and protected against the corrosive effects of salty ocean air. This was done using 7-mil marine grade polyethylene shrink film and desiccant as calculated per the MIL-STD-2073 specification.
  • Pak Mail Pittsburgh Crate & Ship provides “ready-to-assemble” custom export (ISPM-15) crates to a large West Virginia manufacturer of conveyor and material handling equipment. This customer often requires these heavy-duty, custom sized crates on very short notice with 2nd day shipping (and sometimes next day shipping)Pak Mail Crates
    of the units. We have proud to say that we have never missed a deadline ever with this client and despite the dreadful winter  we have experienced this past (and present!) winter. We ship these crates “ready-to-assemble” to reduce the freight classification and minimize the freight cost. You may be surprised to learn how inexpensively we can ship custom crates around the country.

Here’s to more crate big things in 2014!