Dorothy, you’re not in Kansas anymore (but we ship there)!

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We just wanted to share a recent and funny review of our services by Susan from Langley, WA. We  helped Susan and her two sisters pack and ship furniture, antiques, and artwork from an estate in Pittsburgh to homes in Seattle, WA, St. Louis, MO, and Washington, DC. Read on to see how Susan likens our work to the magic of OZ. Tap those red shoes together or call us for similar service! Thank you, Susan, Peg, and Ann!Dorothy

If you are thinking of shipping something small, big, fragile, huge-locally, or across the USA, I highly recommend hiring Michael MacDonald at Pak Mail Pittsburgh Crate & Ship. No question was too big or too small or inconvenient. One must understand my family…we are remarkably demanding! We don’t hesitate to call, to question, to ask… even on a week-end or an evening..and…………..oh man, do we ask! We ask for an additional delivery, make excessive phone calls, needing clarification on this, and on that. Mike always, and I mean always, responded to our pleas immediately. I began to call him “Oz”- he was like the Wizard of Oz- for our family. He always had an answer, and always had a plan.

But this of course, is not the really important part. My shipment arrived across country in PERFECT condition. The glass photos, the furniture, the glass vases, the framed pictures, the awkward, gorgeous huge marble sculpture all arrived in perfect condition. Every inch was packed to perfection. The shipment was packed from start to finish like a well-executed movie. The packers came to our home, and quickly organized and packed the entire house. They were so personable, strong and kind! Then they took the shipment to the warehouse for additional careful packaging.
Mike advised me every inch of the way.

I recommend him and Pak Mail Pittsburgh Crate & Ship so highly. And now another important piece-for the service, the perfection, the delivery-Mike’s prices were even lower than his competitors!!

Susan C., Langley. WA