LionsMany times we have art pieces that at the client’s request need to be packed and shipped with some urgency. Sometimes for looming gallery show openings and sometimes simply for excited out-of-town purchasers that needs to see their items as soon as possible. We are always happy to accommodate and can honestly say we have never missed a deadline. But sometimes, we feel the need to pack and ship quickly for our own psychological wellbeing. Case in point was a recent shipment we made on behalf of a Concept Art Gallery auction purchaser. The pieces in question were two brass lions with glass eyes that were both startling and frightening especially if you were to come upon them without warning in our packing area. More than one employee (including this writer) “jumped” when confronted by this fierce duo. Needless to say, packing and shipping the pair was made a priority and they are now happily haunting a residence in South Florida.