We have been busy over the last year packing and shipping various “stuffed animals” for private individuals and local taxidermists. Our latest shipment was six mounted deer heads going to a decorate a new bar / restaurant in St Louis.


We have been so busy with these special shipments that we are considering a new slogan for our business that relates to this new market and we need your help…and we’re willing to pay for the best submission. Send us your slogan ideas by April 15th and if yours is judged as best we’ll send you 100 bucks ($100)! To make it a more creative task for you, we’ve already eliminated the following from contention:

Herd It Through The Grapevine
Shipping For A Few Bucks
We’ll Box Your Stuffs
We Ship Deer And Far
No Mounting Too High!
Ready For The Big Game
We Ship Hart Transplants
We’ll Organize Your Stags
Horns A Plenty
The Place For Doe Nuts!
The Right Stuffs
Ship of Foals
We Never Lose Our Heads
Ready, Aim, Ship
Pak Male
The Merchant of Venison
Heads, You Win
We Put The Taxi In Taxidermy

Take your best shot!