Check out a recent shipment we made for local artist Michael Lotenero. It’s a painting on a chair…if you look closely! Michael does canvasses and custom special requests for clients. We ship his works all over the world. MICHAEL LOTENERO 1

IMG_0232The best part of the shipping business is the variety of folks, items, and destinations you deal with. Here’s a quick sample from the past week:

  • Export crated and shipped a 900 lbs mechanical grapple going to Western Australia. As shown in the picture below, this awesome piece looks like the business end of of a tyrannosaurus rex!
  • Shipped ten beautiful works of art by local artist Michael Lotenero to the Morrison Gallery in Kent, CT
  • Picked-up and shipped to domestic and many international destinations lots purchased by 20 plus clients of Concept Art Gallery from the auction held on 10/27. Many of the paintings were from the estate of Jane Haskell, a very renowned Pittsburgh artist who passed away a year ago. We were very proud to have assisted Ms Haskell’s daughters in packing-up many of the remarkable pieces created by their mother.  Concept’s next auction is on December 6th.
  • Provided “last mile” delivery services for a logistics company coordinating the roll-out of a merchandising program to a national retailer. Stores visited ranged as far as Erie, PA and Johnstown, PA.
  • Crated and provided next-day transport services for a local art collector for a painting going to a restoration firm in Eastern PA. We received the call from this collector’s office on Tuesday afternoon, picked-up the piece & crated it that day, and transported on our own truck to deliver the next day.

photo 1 (2)Packed and shipped another couple of wonderful (and large) canvasses for local artist, Michael Lotenero ( going to The Marshall Gallery in Scottsdale, AZ. Michael’s work has been exhibited in galleries throughout the country including Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, Phoenix, Los Angeles, and New York. We pack, ship, and insure Michael’s pieces using different modes including motor freight and air freight.