Medical Equipment Shipping: Ask Dr Pak Mail Pittsburgh!

Specialized Packaging, Crating, & Shipping For The Medical Industry In Pittsburgh Area

Medical Equipment Shipping Greater Pittsburgh, Eastern Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia

Pak Mail Pittsburgh Crate & Ship is the area’s “go-to” company for packing, crating, and shipping all types of medical equipment. We have the expertise and experience you can trust to handle medical devices that are heavy, oversized, and fragile; or medical equipment that contains delicate lasers, lenses, and gauges requiring specialized attention.

  • We provide pick-up and onsite packing services throughout the Greater Pittsburgh, western Pennsylvania, and eastern Ohio areas
  • We utilize sophisticated software to develop a packaging plan based on the dimensions, weight, fragility, value, destination, and special characteristics of the item being packaged
  • We engineer custom crates to prevent abrasion, vibration, shock, and moisture damage
  • We offer a variety of shipping modes (parcel, motor, air, and ocean freight) and discounted rates to fit your budget and delivery time needs. We have the lowest shipping rates based on our franchise network’s buying power
  • We offer full-value shipping insurance
  • We have the best pack and ship options for:
    • CT scanners
    • MRI machines
    • Diagnostic equipment
    • Lab equipment
    • X-Ray devices
    • Lasers
    • Surgical equipment
    • Hospital furniture

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