Here are some pictures of a crating job we completed this week. Six crates of large gas metering equipment being shipped by ocean overseas. Two of the equipment pieces measured 28 feet long by 10 feet wide by 10 feet high and weighed 35,000 lbs each. All equipment needed to be wrapped in soft-foam and marine-grade plastic prior to crating.

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Marine WrapPak Mail Pittsburgh Crate & Ship offers the full range of export packing options. We recently completed packing and crating all the components of an MRI machine. Shown in the picture below is the large head unit of the machine wrapped with a 7 mil marine grade, heat shrink polyethylene. Desiccant conforming to Mil-D-3464 was placed inside the polyethylene, prior to being sealed. This wrapping protects the unit against moisture and the corrosive nature of sea air when shipping via ocean cargo.

Check out this New York Times Magazine  Article  on the Brazilian collector that purchased the three million plus records collection of Pittsburgh’s Paul Mawhinney. Pak Mail Pittsburgh Crate & Ship packed up this collection (eight 53′ trailers in all) that was sold to Zero Freitas of San Paulo. To quote one of the our packing crew, “digital music never seemed sweeter than after packing millions of heavy vinyl records”!