If variety is the spice of life, then this last week was a very savory time for us. Here’s a quick recap of the broad spectrum of projects we worked-on and completed in the past week:

– packed up and air freighted an 18 foot kayak to Singapore

-packed-up and transported to storage 90 pieces of artwork for the estate of a renown Pittsburgh artist

-manufactured and delivered 14 export crates to a local specialty steel manufacturer

-picked-up, packed, and shipped 5 “small moves” for a variety of clients

-packed-up and air freighted to Naples, Italy a 9′ x 6′ multi-media artwork for a local gallery

– picked-up, packed, and shipped a large order of rental religious items (statues, altar pieces, candle holders, tabernacle, and much more) from Church Connection going to a movie production in Bostom, MA plus sale items going to a monastery in Upstate New York

-received and delivered furniture items on behalf of two local interior designers

-worked on a containerizing and shipping project involving 55,000 lbs of fire-damaged recycling equipment going to Shanghai, China for reburbishing

-worked on the planning of a project involving the packing and shipping of the archive of a well-know local academic from Pittsburgh to a university in Germany

A busy week that reinforces our motto: We ship anything, anywhere! Hope your long-weekend is a restful as we plan our’s to be.


It is always a sad and emotional time when someone in your immediate family or a relative dies. These days, the tumult is compounded by the fact that families are widely dispersed around the country and the world. Among the host of challenges a family faces is the pragmatic problem of getting precious items distributed to family members that live outside of the immediate area. How do you get that set of china to a brother in Seattle? Or that dining room suite to a daughter in Atlanta? There are many shipping options, but often it is hard to select the right company to help you pack and send a wide range of things that may have both high sentimental and monetary value. Here are a few tips to find the right company that will meet your “real” estate shipping needs:


Traditional movers are great if you have at least 1500 -2000 lbs or more of furniture and household goods to transport. They have minimum weights in that range (and higher depending on the time of year…minimums can increase during busy periods like summer) that make them a good economical choice for larger estate moves.

Companies like Pak Mail Pittsburgh Crate & Ship may make more (dollars &) sense if you have a lower weight, fewer items, or multiple destinations for your items. Pack and ship companies use national freight carriers that don’t have weight minimums and deliver to any point in the USA in a matter of days. They also ship internationally using both ocean and air carriers. Some companies like Pak Mail Pittsburgh are also authorized shippers for UPS and FedEx, so they are able to handle the smallest items you may need to send. Regardless of whom you are considering, CHECK THEM OUT! Use the internet to look at customer reviews and to filter out “bad actors”. Talk directly with companies you are considering, and don’t hesitate to ask about whom they are affiliated with and if they have a local office you can deal with directly. Good sources to find reputable companies may be the administrators of care facilities, local senior care professionals, estate lawyers, and organizations like NASSM (National Association of Senior Move Managers) or NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) that are involved in all facets of senior transitions and have local, knowledgeable members.


Managing all the aspects of an estate distribution is emotional and traumatic enough without having to deal with service companies that try to impose their schedule on an already difficult process. Be upfront and candid in outlining your timing and scheduling needs during the selection process and chose to deal with companies that can provide answers on a timely basis and real service guarantees. Judge candidate companies on how quickly they respond to your inquiries and how well they address your particular needs in terms of both cost and service.


Most reputable companies including Pak Mail Pittsburgh Crate & Ship will provide detailed, timely quotations promptly and without obligation and without “high-pressured” sales tactics. Reputable companies will offer an in-home visit to determine what your true needs are and to develop accurate costing. Beware of companies that offer “low-ball special” costing that is designed to entice, but will certainly not be in any way reflective of your final price. Pak Mail Pittsburgh prides itself in providing accurate quotes to prospective clients that incorporate full and transparent costing.


Select a company that can provide the services you truly want and need. There are significant savings to be had if you select a company that allows you the options of 1) packing your own boxes and 2) accepting curbside delivery (versus more expensive inside “white glove” delivery”) to name a few. Pak Mail Pittsburgh has a menu of services that allows you to chose only those services that meet your needs and your budget. We provide a variety packing, shipping, and delivery choices that cover the fullest range of services designed for all situations.