Concept Art Gallery in Pittsburgh had an amazing auction this past weekend! We were lucky enough to ship items for their customers – all around the world. We are always so happy when we can meet the needs of their customers and exceed their expectations!

At Pak Mail Pittsburgh, we care about your items and treat them with the care they deserve! We want to show you a behind-the-scenes glance at one of the unique items we got to ship! By utilizing our reliable service, you’ll see that when you come to us for shipping, crating or freighting needs – you’ve hit the jackpot with Pak Mail Pittsburgh!

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People from all over the world have been purchasing items from the Concept Art Gallery, a very well known antiques auction house. During their last auction, Pak Mail Pittsburgh had the pleasure of helping some of their clientele that were looking for different carrier options.

Pak Mail Pittsburgh was their solution! We provided international buyers with a variety options, depending on their lot size. While some used the usual FedEx, DHL and UPS, others found that ocean freight was the best choice for them!

We absolutely love helping our customers and shipping things all around the world! At the last auction, we were also able to ship items to Singapore! Pak Mail Pittsburgh is proud to offer local ‘Burgh residents (and international buyers too) a variety of options that save our customers money.

Visit us online or in-store today, and let Pak Mail Pittsburgh help you! And a quick regards to our international friends!

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…Or that of its customers! We recently took on the challenge of packing and shipping a mounted elk’s head. This wasn’t just any head, it was a 400 score trophy monstrosity – think the elk version of the shark from Jaws!

Our customer, which was a local taxidermist company appropriately named DOA (yes, Dead on Arrival) needed a shipping partner that would allow them to expand their business to out-of -town customers. Mounted trophy animals are awkwardly shaped, have fragile appendages, and have a high value (multiple $1000′s) – which means this is just the kind of item that Pak Mail Pittsburgh LOVES to ship!

We picked-up the trophy mount and carefully wrapped and packaged it to meet the standards needed for motor carrier shipments. We are pleased to report that the head arrived safely and now has a prestigious (but somewhat stationary) home on the wall of its owner’s home.

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Recently, we were contacted by a large medical corporation located in Pittsburgh. They needed to ship special equipment to India, with alternate declared value coverage, and they wanted to find a company that could provide personalized service.

They choose Pak Mail Pittsburgh – your local company.

We were happy to take time and visit them, so that we could see the valuable items that they needed crated and shipped. They were thrilled that we could ship to anywhere in the world and provide them with exceptional service. If you’re sending any kind of equipment, then call the ‘Burgh specialists! Pak Mail Pittsburgh is the best option for businesses in the City of Bridges!

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A woman had been searching online, for days, trying to find a company to ship her grandfather’s glass bookshelf and end table, from Pittsburgh to Arizona. She finally found Pak Mail Pittsburgh. We worked with her, explained our process and addressed her concerns. She agreed that we were the best to pack and ship her heirlooms.

Our happy customer was astounded by the care and concern we provided, treating her precious pieces as if they were our own! During each step in the process, we happily updated her, her aunt and uncle, both by phone and email. She was moved beyond words as she unpacked all of the pieces, in perfect shape – including the glass doors!

To read her full review, and to read about other happy customers that Pak Mail Pittsburgh has served, please go to:

We are so happy to provide these kinds of services to our customers. YOU are our number one priority, which is why we treat the things we pack, ship, crate and freight with the utmost care and concern! If you have need, let Pak Mail Pittsburgh fill it! Visit us today, and let us help you!

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