Pak Mail Pittsburgh Never Loses Its Head…

…Or that of its customers! We recently took on the challenge of packing and shipping a mounted elk’s head. This wasn’t just any head, it was a 400 score trophy monstrosity – think the elk version of the shark from Jaws!

Our customer, which was a local taxidermist company appropriately named DOA (yes, Dead on Arrival) needed a shipping partner that would allow them to expand their business to out-of -town customers. Mounted trophy animals are awkwardly shaped, have fragile appendages, and have a high value (multiple $1000′s) – which means this is just the kind of item that Pak Mail Pittsburgh LOVES to ship!

We picked-up the trophy mount and carefully wrapped and packaged it to meet the standards needed for motor carrier shipments. We are pleased to report that the head arrived safely and now has a prestigious (but somewhat stationary) home on the wall of its owner’s home.

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