bass drumPak Mail Pittsburgh Crate & Ship is packing & shipping six beautiful (large and fragile) bass drums handmade by Andy Reamer of Pittsburgh’s Drummers Service. Drums are going to five orchestras around the country and one in Finland. We ship large, heavy, and awkward anywhere!

005Pak Mail Pittsburgh can pack and ship anything anywhere regardless of size, weight, or shape. Everything from pianos, exercise equipment, pool tables, chandeliers, sectional furniture, and hot tubs to ATVs, engines & truck parts, taxidermy, over-sized sculptures, stained glass windows, and canoes.

  • We provide pick-up and onsite packing services for residents and businesses in the Greater Pittsburgh, Western PA, Eastern Ohio, and Northern West Virginia
  • We utilize sophisticated packaging and crating software based on the size, weight, nature, and fragility of the items being shipped
  • We offer a choice of transport modes to meet your budget and delivery needs, and ship around the country and across the world We offer full-value shipping insurance

Kayak Going To Singapore

Concept Art Gallery has an auction on Saturday, 03/10 @ 10:00 AM. Here’s a link to Concept’s website and another to the preview article in the Tribune Review. If you are an out-of-town internet buyer, we can handle your shipping for you across the country or the world.


We are proud to be the official crater and freighter for

admin-ajax1admin-ajaxMountain Boss Hoss Cycles

Check out this Garrett Turbine Powered Hoss Fly Barstool…yup, an airplane engine driven barstool great for bar-hopping without the inconvenience of leaving your chair. This model has two seats making it the ultimate date-mobile, We have crated and shipped these cycles around the country and the world.