Pak MailPittsburgh At Your Serv(er)ice!

Need to ship high-value, sensitive computer hardware? Do we have a story for you. Our client needed to have ten loaded server racks and four pallets of peripheral equipment taken from their 7th floor location, crated on-site, and safely shipped the same day to an important client in San Francisco. We should mention that the 7th floor location offered less than one inch height clearance through some doorways and some racks weighed over 800 lbs. Oh yes, the other fact…equipment was valued at over $500K.

In six hours, we transported all the equipment to covered parking area, inserted the racks into custom, foam-lined crates we had prefabricated, and loaded onto an air-ride truck for direct transport to SF.

The results: happy end-customer, happy client, and a great story to tell. Check out our website for pictures.

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