Being a “yes-man” or ” yes-woman” these days has bad connotations, but Pak Mail Pittsburgh prides itself in always (and we mean always) saying “yes” to shipping challenges. Here are some actual questions that got our promised “yes” answer:

    • Can you ship my stuffed moose head to my summer cabin? Yes!
    • Can you package a large computer lease return in northwestern PA with just a few days notice? Yes!
    • Can you pick-up, pack, and ship a night table I bought on eBay? Yes!
    • Can you ship my art auction purchase to Singapore? Yes!
    • Can you pack, ship and insure an expensive tabernacle going to a church in Puerto Rico? Yes!
    • Are the Steelers going to the Super Bowl this year? Um, we hope so!

In case you were wondering, we gave five “yes” answers and one “not sure, but we sure hope so”.

Pak Mail Pittsburgh 20120 Route 19, Suite 105 Cranberry Township, PA 16066 724-742-1110

How far will Pak Mail Pittsburgh go for a customer? How about 11370.94 miles (or 18299.25 km for you metric types ). We were contacted by a native Pittsburgher in town from Perth, Australia for a family vacation. He called us to see if we could pick-up, pack, and ship a large quantity of personal goods (family heirlooms, items from his childhood, and precious memories in the form of photo albums…about a 1000 lbs of stuff) to his home in Perth, Australia (can you say ” g’day mate!).

He had been quoted an outrageously high amount by an international moving company and looked to us to provide professional service at an economical rate. We met with this client to review his shipping needs and provide a no obligation estimate. He jumped on our quote like a kangaroo fire walker as we were able to pack, ship via ocean freight and insure all his goods for 1/2 the cost of the traditional mover.

When you need a shipping company to go the extra mile or 11,000, please keep us in mind.

Pak Mail Pittsburgh 20120 Route 19, Suite 105 Cranberry Township, PA 16066 724-742-1110

Recently, we had a student contact us that needed her things moved, out of storage, from Pittsburgh to Manhattan. She was already in New York, and she didn’t have time to come and move her things out of storage. With just a simple phone call, we were able to pick up, pack and ship her things, by motor carrier, to New York at a very reasonable price. She never had to leave the city!

Pak Mail Pittsburgh is your solution when you need to take things out of storage. You don’t have to be in the city, just give us a call or visit us online, and we can pick up, pack up and ship your things to you. We are your cost efficient, safest and fastest solution!

Pak Mail Pittsburgh can make moving easy for you too! Don’t stress out about packing all of your belongings; let us do the work for you! If you need things packed, shipped, crated or freighted – then Pak Mail Pittsburgh is your best partner! Visit us in-store or online to learn more about our services!

Pak Mail Pittsburgh 20120 Route 19, Suite 105 Cranberry Township, PA 16066 724-742-1110

Did you know that when the producers of the hit Showtime series, Nurse Jackie need religious props and set decorations, they turn to a Pittsburgh company, Church Connection? And when Church Connection needs a crating and shipping company that could help them deliver their goods on time and in perfect shape, they turn to Pak Mail Pittsburgh!

We recently helped the Church Connection meet a production deadline by picking-up, packaging, and express shipping a needed item, a beautiful and authentic 5-foot statue of a well-known saint to Nurse Productions for an upcoming episode.

The Church Connect supplies all sorts of statues, candlesticks, and many other items that they purchase from collectors and churches from all over the area and beyond.

We feel “blessed” to be their chosen shipping partner!

Visit Pak Mail Pittsburgh in-store or online today! 20120 Route 19, Suite 105 Cranberry Township, PA 16066 724-742-1110

Whatever it is that you have, Pak Mail Pittsburgh can pick it up, pack it and ship it. We can also pick it up, crate it and freight it. That’s right, we crate and freight from the ‘Burgh to all places.

Recently, we have served some local companies that have been sending high tech items overseas. When you have things that need to be insure while transported, Pak Mail Pittsburgh’s the company to call.

If you are an antique lover, you will find that Pittsburgh has many palces where you can buy beautiful items. Pak Mail Pittsburgh has the knowledge and experience in packing, shipping and insuring all your valuable pieces, and we are here for you all the time.

We know how important one-time shipments can be, and how people need to find the high service that we provide to all of our customers.

Please visit our website: for reviews, and please visit our Facebook page to read about what we’re doing. Make sure to read what our customers are saying about Pak Mail Pittsburgh.

Pak Mail Pittsburgh 20120 Route 19, Suite 105 Cranberry Township, PA 16066 724-742-1110

And we can definitely help you when you’re going to an expo or show. Pak Mail Pittsburgh has experience in helping companies with everything that needs to be done when going to an expo. We’ve been helping medium-sized, local companies that don’t have the people to take care of their crating and packing needs.

Pak Mail Pittsburgh can also build custom crates to hold other containers inside! That way a company can easily have everything they need in one crate. From large television screens, video projectors, or anything else you might need, we can pick them up and pack them appropriately, all at a very reasonable price. We are also proud to offer insurance to cover all of your high value supplies or equipment.

When the expo is finished, Pak Mail Pittsburgh will coordinate all of your items to be shipped back to your company. Stop the hassle, stress and extra work by doing everything on your own, and let us help you today! We are from the ‘Burgh and offer our services throughout the Pittsburgh area, including: Oakland, Squirrel Hill, South Hills, North Hills, Downtown, East Suburbs and Cranberry!

Call us today, and let us help you turn your next expo into a stress-free success! Pak Mail Pittsburgh 20120 Route 19, Suite 105 Cranberry Township, PA 16066 724.742.1110

Interesting Facts About Pak Mail Pittsburgh!

  1. Logistics is the best way to ship, and we are your personal logistic company. We are the people you can always reach because we don’t believe in an answering machine talking to you.
  2. Shipping a valuable piece of art or equipment? Pak Mail Pittsburgh builds custom crates, and we are the best option in the Pittsburgh area.
  3. Shipping with high-value coverage? With Pak Mail Pittsburgh you have the best option because we are a nationwide chain with 400 + stores that belong to a franchise. We also offer unbeatable prices for coverage art, antiques and many other things – no hassle to you.
  4. We can create custom double-wall corrugated carton boxes any size, for all needs. We also line them and create the perfect container for your valuables – whatever they are.
  5. Pak Mail Pittsburgh services people from the Greater Pittsburgh area, and we pick up your items quickly, easily and efficiently. We also service people that live outside the ‘burgh and have items that need to be picked up, packed, shipped, crated or freighted.
  6. We have Spanish service available for customers that rather have their service done in Spanish.
  7. Dividing an estate of a love one that is gone? Pak Mail Pittsburgh is your best option to ship to relatives and friends all over the country or the world. We can handle the needs of all the family or heirs  that are in these situation.

We pack and ship anything, anywhere!

Pak Mail Pittsburgh 20120 Route 19, Suite 105 Cranberry Township, PA 16066 724-742-1110