The death of a family member is always hard, and usually the last thing anyone wants to do is handle splitting up belongings, transporting them, etc, which is exactly what happened to our recent customers.

A relative had died, and overwhelmed by the loss, the family members wanted to find someone who can handle all the logistics of packing and shipping belongings, but the problem was they were only in town for a few days – then they found Pak Mail Pittsburgh.

We went to the home and assisted them and took notes on which items were to be shipped to Arizona, Colorado and California. We took care of packing them, and we motor freighted the belongings to their new destinations. The family was so happy to have a dependable and reliable service that could take care of all of their needs.

Pak Mail Pittsburgh offers a highly trained and experienced staff to help you with all needs related to packing, shipping, crating or freighting belongings. Don’t hesitate to contact us at:

Pak Mail Pittsburgh 20120 Route 19, Suite 105 Cranberry Township, PA 16066 724-742-1110

Welcome to Pak Mail Pittsburgh’s blog! We are your packing, shipping and freight solution! Our customers are our number one priority, and we wanted to give you an inside look at what happens day-to-day at our Pittsburgh location.  Each week, we will be telling you our interesting highlights of the week! So check back often!

Last week, we had a client come who urgently needed ship and fully insure 18 laptops to the West Coast. He was a very busy person and did not have the time to visit different stores. The client was anxiously searching on the Internet for a solution – then he found Pak Mail.

He called us, and we scheduled a Downtown pick up and easily and efficiently sent the laptops to the West Coast. We even provided him with insurance, since each laptop was around $2500.  The client was very happy and satisfied with our service, which makes us happy too!

This is just one example of the services Pak Mail Pittsburgh can provide. A core part of our business is that we serve clients that we sometimes don’t even see. They are able to call us, pay by phone and have their items picked up and shipped out instantly.

We have been in the ‘burgh for a little over a year, and many people and companies are now finding that they can count on our packing and shipping services for a very reasonable price! If you’d like to learn more about Pak Mail Pittsburgh, please visit: