Who Do You Trust To Ship Your Tiffany Lamp?

April 13th, 2017 by

We recently packed and shipped a beautiful Tiffany lamp purchased from a Pittsburgh auction company. Pak Mail Pittsburgh Crate & Ship is the trusted name in online auction shipping. Around the world and across the web, buyers and sellers rely on us to carefully pack and ship items of all type and value. We help online and traditional auction businesses receive 100% positive feedback from buyers.

  • We gladly provide pre-auction estimates to help buyers determine the delivered cost of the items they are interested in bidding on
  • We provide pick-up and onsite packing and crating for residents and businesses in the Greater Pittsburgh, western Pennsylvania, and eastern Ohio areas.
  • We utilize sophisticated packaging and crating software based on the size, nature and fragility of item being shipped
  • We offer a choice of transport modes to meet all budget and delivery needs,  and discounted shipping rates for parcel including UPS, FedEx, DHL, and US Postal Service (for international), blanket-wrap, motor carrier, and air and ocean freight
  • We ship internationally using packaging and crating materials that meet export standards
  • We offer full-value shipping insurance from $100 to $10 million

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